TGRWA Accepting “Best Renovation Award” at 2022 SEAOI Awards Celebration
Jessica Dineen (TGRWA), Derek Boeldt (SEAOI President), Roger Reckers (TGRWA), Matt McElmury (TGRWA)

TGRWA is excited to announce that the recently completed Tribune Tower Complex Redevelopment was awarded Best Renovation / Retrofit Project at the 2022 SEAOI Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards Celebration!

Thank you to SEAOI for the recognition! Congratulations to the full team at TGRWA, and our client SCB for being an outstanding partner on this rewarding project!

TGRWA served as the SER for the renovation of the Tribune Tower complex, located at 435 N. Michigan in Chicago. The project encompassed the renovation of four major interconnecting buildings covering nearly 500,000 square feet that extended a full city block,  including the iconic Tribune Tower.

Major Architectural design elements requiring structural modifications included:

  • Double height retail spaces (pictured below)
  • New Courtyard element (pictured below)
  • Conversion of lower level office spaces to a parking garage
  • Vertical addition to an existing structure

During the project, TGRWA developed solutions to capitalize on the existing integrity of the structures and to reinforce where needed.

Tribune Tower Complex Renovation – New double height retail space along Michigan Avenue