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TGRWA Projects – 50 W. Monroe

TGRWA Projects – 50 W. Monroe

Selective demolition is in progress for the renovation of three 100+ year old buildings at 50 Monroe in Grand Rapids, MI. A previously-applied façade is currently being stripped off to reveal the historical load-bearing brick masonry walls. The design intent is to modernize the buildings while celebrating their pasts. Each of the three existing buildings, totaling approximately 160,000 square feet, are constructed with wood flooring and heavy timber beams supported by timber or cast iron columns. Usage for the renovated space will be a mixture of office, retail, parking, and hospitality.

TGRWA conducted field investigations and analyses of the existing structures to determine whether they are structurally adequate to carry load imposed by new building programming. Additionally, TGRWA designed new structural CMU stair and elevator shafts. TGRWA also designed miscellaneous steel framing for new entry canopies, and for new rooftop mechanical platforms.

The Architect of Record is DLR Group.